Have you ever wondered why sometimes you see rNotify or rUpdate as the sender for some of the SMS messages on your phone? Are you also aware that this happens to all bulk SMS sent to MTN numbers in particular?

The Nigerian Communications Commision (NCC) mandated all Network Providers to allow their subscribers opt-in to a Do Not Disturb service which ensured that they stop receiving 3rd party SMS messages.

The only way to get SMS delivered to MTN numbers at the time was with the global sender IDs "infiniti", "rUPDATE" and recently "rNOTIFY".

But now we can breathe a sigh of relief!

No more rNotify, and all, along with the request for registration of sender names. 

SMS sent to MTN DND numbers will now be delivered with your chosen/customized sender ID!

You do not necessarily have to include your sender name as part of your SMS message anymore, since, now your audience can see your sender ID and know that your SMS is coming from you.

How amazing that is!

BYE BYE to rNotify...forever!

POSTED BY GBulksms IN Blog, ON April 28,2018

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