Have you wondered why whenever you fund your bulk SMS account, you receive a different amount or figure for your payment? Here''s why.

When you make your payment, either via an online gateway using Flutterwave, through your bank''s mobile app/ internet banking, making a wired transfer via Quickteller or Paga, or by a bank''s deposit, your bulk SMS account gets funded or credited with SMS units.

The SMS units in your account is not a figure in Naira. They are literally points or tickets needed for sending bulk SMS to your contacts. This implies that every time you send an SMS to one number or bulk numbers, these units get deducted to enable your messages leave your page or server to the various Network Operators for delivery.

For instance, after making a payment of N10,000 for your bulk SMS account to be funded, the outcome is that your account gets credited with 5,000 units, not N10,000. The rate per unit purchased influences this exchange; and in this case, the account was credited at the rate of N2.00 per unit.

Let''s take a look at G-bulkSMS Pricing model:

1 unit = N2.00 if purchasing less than 5000 units

1 unit = N1.94 if purchasing from 5000 to 49,999 units.

1 unit = N1.90 if purchasing from 50,000 to 199,999 units.

1 unit = N1.85 for purchases of 200,000 units and above.

...And so on...

Note that the more units you buy the less the rate charged.

If you are not sure of how much it would cost to purchase a certain amount of SMS units, you can always make use of the Price Calculator. Simply type in the amount of SMS units needed in the "Number of SMS" box provided, and get your result.

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