It is no longer news that the Nigerian Communication Commission mandated the Telecom operators in Nigeria to implement the Do-Not-Disturb (DND). While this is a laudable approach to the menace of unsolicited SMS in Nigeria, it has also created a lot headache for Nigerians especially business owners, religious organizations, associations and NGOs. Not left out are individuals that need to invite their family members and friends to events such as wedding ceremony, birthday parties and other social functions.

It our pleasure to let you know that we have developed and fully integrate a lasting solution to this problem that has been plaguing Bulk SMS in Nigeria.

The Provision of Corporate Route

To cater to the need of individuals and corporate organizations that have express permission to contact phone numbers on DND by SMS, a provision has been made to deliver their messages via the Corporate Route. Corporate Route allows you send SMS to phone numbers on DND provided you have the expressed permission to do so. It is our pleasure to inform you that such Corporate Route has been integrated on SmartSMSSolutions.

How does it Work?

Additional options are now available on the SmartSMSSolutions’ Send SMS page. Find below what each option stands for and how to use it.

Option1: Use Basic Route, exclude phone numbers on DND

This is one of the most powerful options available and if not the most beautiful option of them all. When you send SMS with this option, you message is sent to all the recipients using the Regular Route. After which, as in option 2, DND phone numbers are returned and the units returned to your account. And here is the interesting part, the DND phone numbers are then forwarded via the Corporate Route.

Delivery to the phone numbers on DND via the option is 3 – 4 minutes behind those not on DND. This is due to the time it takes to get the real-time DND status of the phone number from the operator, get refunded for the phone numbers and re-process the message via the Corporate Route.

OPTION 2: Use Corporate Route for all the phone numbers

This can be described as the POWER SHOT. This sends the message to all the phone numbers via the Corporate Route. This might be done once you have confirmed that all the recipients are actually on DND or you just want to be very sure.

Delivery to phone numbers on DND via the Corporate Route is INSTANT with this option.

How much does it Cost to Use the Corporate Route?

Delivery via the Corporate Route is currently at 2 units for a page of SMS.

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