Bulk SMS is a process of sending text messages to multiple phone numbers that is within and outside the country. The same as our mobile phones, text messages can be sent using the SMS gateway. SMS gateway is an online platform or a service provider that allows users to send text messages to multiple phone numbers that is within and outside the country. Users can also schedule date and time for the gateway system to send SMS to multiple phone numbers they inputted. Users can also create a contact group and store contact of phone numbers where they can send to those contact respectively. 

The major characteristics of bulk SMS messaging is that businesses and Organizations can make use of one or more solutions to send and receive text messages to phone numbers anywhere in the world which are: mobile phone application, software programme, a web platform or an SMS api integration in their websites or system. 

With gbulksms.com, you can;

  • Send messages with customized sender name of up to 11 characters.
  • Execute SMS campaigns allowing you to send messages to thousands of recipients with just a click.
  • Automatically Extract Phone numbers from text.
  • Easily upload and import contacts and phone numbers to your phone book so you don''''''''t have to type them out each time.
  • Manage all your messages, sent messages and drafts easily.
  • Schedule messages for delivery at a later time with just a click.
  • Compose multi-page messages, allowing you to send more than 160 characters as a continuous single message.
  • Have a delivery report for every mobile numbers in each message you send.

A good number of people has been using gbulksms.com to make personal/ professional contacts, sustain them, generate business leads, backup contacts, send promo and develop marketing advertising campaigns, schedule messages and keep in touch with families and friends.

Before proceeding with the sending bulk SMS messages it is important to note that you must comply with the regulations specific to your country and the country to which you are sending SMS messages.

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